About Us

Life "happens" and sometimes the things that you think (only happen to other people) happen to you. Many of us were taught to tough it out and not express how we are feeling. These unexpressed feelings are toxic to our bodies and create states of dis-ease, anxiety, depression etc. Michael believes you don’t need to suffer alone. Therapists are trained to help you work through your problems and heal the past. Having an objective therapist help you sort through troubling issues can be an incredible gift. Michael is a pro at getting to the heart of the matter!"

—Andrea Purdon Founder of Soul-ution Center, ADL Minister, Reiki Master



Michael has found that connecting with specific aspects of nature creates a profound sense of "well being". This shift in attitude opens the door for remediation of trauma wounds and splits in one's psyche. This connection with nature is healing on its own, however, when one learns and accepts the laws of nature, one begins to revere all aspects of life.

Michael’s expertise is applicable to a wide range of issues, such as:

  • chronic anger
  • rage-aholics
  • violent behaviors
  • effective parenting / good husband / good wife
  • inability to establish and maintain relationships with oneself and others
  • inability to develop a lifestyle with self-esteem
  • being addicted to victimization
  • 4th & 5th step work with substance abuse issues
  • communication within relationships
  • boundary issues
  • parental training for management of defiant & "entitled" children

Michael has had great success in a number of conventionally difficult to treat areas, such as:

  • Mild to moderate Bipolar Personality Disorder
  • Mild to moderate Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Situations where the victim was seduced into voluntary participating in the abusive cycle, thereby blaming themselves and feeling guilty whenever others attack the perpetrator.

Your Workshop Leaders

Michael Rebel, LMHC #MH3532Michael Rebel, LMHC #MH3532, specializes in Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy and emotional release therapies. Trained in 9 different models, he’s extensively trained in treating post traumatic stress. Michael received his Masters degree in Community Mental Health from Stetson University in 1990 and is a member of the American Counseling Association. Co-leading workshops since 1987, Michael developed the Natural Awakenings Programsâ„  in 1994.

His private practice is based in Central Florida with two offices located in Mount Dora and Ocala. Michael is a published author, ecologist, nature devotee.

Brenda HeimBrenda Heim, Artist, co-leads the Natural Awakenings Programsâ„ . Working alongside Michael for nearly 10 years, Brenda combines life experiences with creative, action oriented tools for tapping into and expressing the inner child. Many of these expressive tools were introduced 20+ years ago during her life changing journey through therapy with the dynamic psychologist team Elisabeth B. Pringle, Psy. D.P.A. and Michael Rebel.

In addition to her full time studio business, Brenda teaches an abstract painting workshop designed to help people release pent up emotions and to have fun (exploring the inner child/adult) through art making. Brenda is a passionate mentor for emerging artists, volunteers for public arts, a Godmother, nature enthusiast and avid student of psychology and its relationship to health, healing and well-being of the inner child/adult.