It has been my professional experience that clients who are willing to learn the purest essence of their 'nature' and that are willing to learn the essentials of life within natural laws, rapidly develop life strategies that allow them to heal and prosper."

—Michael Rebel
Natural Awakenings Programsâ„  Founder

Natural Awakenings Programsâ„  Philosophy

The Process - We believe that a person can reach a point of comfortable “living” through self-actualization and self acceptance. We believe that this process has an internal component and an external component. The internal component is based on a precise awareness of who we are, where we come from and how we act.

The external component is based on understanding what is possible and what is not, based on the immutable laws of the reality in this universe. This is accomplished by learning and accepting human nature on this planet.

The Programs - Individual and couples therapy is the program for gaining information and establishing the rapport necessary to feel safe with your new therapist. The client is encouraged to discover core beliefs before moving into other programs.

Group therapy is provided to enhance and expedite the self-actualization process. The effects of emotional contagion, multiple witnesses and the potential to practice boundary work make group a powerful promoter of self-esteem. Group is economically advantageous as well as source of long term support until the client habituates the new life style.

Weekend workshops are the life blood of the process. They accelerate the healing process by providing opportunity for:

  1. Bonding with nature
  2. Learning to feel safe on this planet
  3. Spending extended time in a therapeutic mode
  4. The use of role play and regressive interventions for exploration and healing
  5. Practicing new skills in a family like setting

Conclusion - We believe that the appropriate use of these tools, used in a consistent program, lead to the most expeditious return to a sense of well being.

About Weekend Workshops

A series of experiential ecotherapy workshops designed to enhance life - each eco-workshop is presented in a natural setting, thus utilizing the innate beauty of each locale as an inspirational factor for supporting life improvement. This eco-centered series of workshops is presented by a licensed, professional, mental health counselor and his trained staff.

We believe that a natural setting is the most effective place to access our own inner nature. As many of you have already experienced, just breathing the fresh air in a natural setting can revitalize one's depleted energy levels and resurrect one's spirit. Now imagine yourself joining others in the process of healing under the tutelage of experienced, caring eco-healers.

What happens at an ecotherapy workshop? - One will have the opportunity to participate in several activities designed to teach lifelong skills in maintaining mental and spiritual health. There will also be ample opportunity to address and heal old issues. The rewards involve getting to bask in the joyous feelings of enrichment while developing new and more loving ways to care for one's self and others in the world.

We believe that ecotherapy creates an appreciation of our planet, Earth. This allows one to experience a deeper sense of personal well being. After all, Earth is the vehicle on which we travel through the extremes of the universe. Earth is the "source" of all life's necessities—food, water, oxygen, warmth, and cooling—free for all to enjoy. There will be references made concerning nature during any ecotherapy workshop you attend. The acceptance of this "biosphere" as it is designed and the opportunities for well being that it lovingly offers is essential to a wholesome lifestyle. Our ecotherapy philosophy supports one's own journey. The lessons and experiences are intended to enhance one's life, not to tear it apart.

The ecotherapy exercises that are offered are designed to enhance inner awareness, self acceptance, connection with the universe and direct contact to one's higher power.

These exercises begin one's healing through:

  • Separation from the distractions of our modern society
  • Quieting the technological noise by returning to nature
  • Making friends with nature by learning the names and habits of other earthlings
  • Learning that we are never alone or abandoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Learning the basic laws of nature by witnessing them
  • Learning about human nature by becoming aware that we are a part of nature
  • Learning about the human psyche through experiential therapy
  • Learning to recognize and utilize trance states
  • Exploring one's biography
  • Grieving old losses in loving support
  • Clearing resentments through conflict resolution
  • Learning how to relax completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Learning your own individual way to meditate
  • Learning to trust the universe
  • Learning how to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom". – Anais Nin